New Site!

I’m sorry that I’ve missed my last couple of weekly posts, but I have a good reason:

greenwhite logo

I now have my own .com!

I still may be using my iPhone for photos and I still may be awkwardly positioning food on poster paper to get decent shots, but now I have my own website!

If you were already previously subscribed to muchmorethanlettuce, I migrated my followers over, so you will be automatically subscribed to my new website, and you will hopefully be receiving a notification about this post. Also, thank you so much for subscribing up until now-it really means a lot to me.

You can now also check me out on:

Instagram: thekalegirl           and              twitter: thekalegirl

(oh yes a food Instagram. A foodstagram. That means that I’m serious about this.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, all the while while I try to grasp the details of running my own site.

Have a nice day!