Mushroom BBQ Sandwich with a Broccoli Slaw

Veggie burgers and veggie sandwiches at restaurants are either hits or misses. Burgers that involve black beans are usually good. The last veggie burger I had was as if they took a bag of frozen mixed veggies-the peas, corn, and cubed carrots- and squished it into a hockey puck. One time, I had a sandwich was just a portobello mushroom between warm-ish bread with a pickle.

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Vegetable Fajitas

One of my favorite places to eat is a restaurant named Jose Tejas near me. I tell everyone I can about it. I tried telling my Spanish teacher about it, in Spanish of course, and he kept asking “uno y nueve”? and it took me a very long time for me to realize he was saying 1 & 9, the highway that it’s on. The entire time of me squinting and trying to figure out what he was saying, I could see the disappointment in his eyes cause it was looking like his student couldn’t recognize numbers after 4 years of Spanish.

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The Comeback

There are lots of things I haven’t seen all the way through.
I stopped doing rhythmic gymnastics in third grade cause practice was too intense and the only candy my instructor would allow were raisins. I started cross-stitching with my teacher in fifth grade and to this day, have only gotten as far as a blue tulip and the first three letters of my name. I told myself I was would learn the guitar and never did. After years of piano lessons, I told myself I was gonna practice more, and never made the time for it. I took dance classes for a while- and I can’t remember why I quit but I did-maybe it was because the “nude” tights we had to wear were mustard colored. I’ve said that I was going to do so many things, and I haven’t. When I was convincing my mom to help pay for this blog years ago, I had drawn up a whole plan in a red sketchbook-I had lists of possible recipes and logo sketches, and my mom went along with it. I said that I was going to have a good food blog, and I haven’t been doing a great job.

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Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins

What do you do when you’re excited? Do you scream in random outbursts? Do a little dance (and then slip because you are wearing socks on a hardwood floor)? Fidget non-stop?

I happen to do a combination of all of those. Apparently from a young age anyone could tell that I was excited because my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. But now I’ve also picked up the habit of yelling and singing when I’m excited (when I’m in my house), and becoming some sort of a Southern Christian preacher.

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Two Smoothie Bowls + Homemade Coconut Chips

You know what I miss about summer? Besides decent amounts of sleep, time to spend with friends, warm sunshine on my face, flowy dresses, and the tan that I hated while I had but I now miss and mangoes? (I mean, what else is there to miss?)

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